An Open Cel Animation document
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuOCA.load to create an OCA object.

# new DuOCADocument()

Name Type Description
ocaVersion string The version of OCA used to export this document
name string The name of this project
width int The width, in pixels
height int The height, in pixels
frameCount int The duration, in frames
frameRate float The frame rate, in frames per second
pixelAspect float The pixel aspect ratio
layers Array.<OCALayer> The layers
startTime int The frame number at which the animation starts
endTime int The frame number at which the animation ends
colorDepth DuOCA.colorDepths Bits per channel used in the document
backgroundColor Array.<float> The background color
originApp string The application name from which the document was exported.
originAppVersion string The version of the origin application.
folder Folder The folder containing the oca files.
path string The URI to the folder containing the oca files.

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