Namespace: Tool

Duik. Tool

Miscellaneous tools



D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 51822
Crops the precompositions without moving them, using the bounds of their masks
Name Type Description
precomps Array.<QVLayer> | LayerCollection | DuList.<AVLayer> | AVLayer optional The precompositions to crop. The selected layers by default.


D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 51912
Edits the selected expression using an external editor
Name Type Description
prop Property | DuAEProperty optional The propety containing the expression. The first selected property if omited.
Type Description
File The file used to edit the expression.