Class: DuPopup


For use with DuScriptUI.
A borderless popup, to be tied to a ui control.
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuScriptUI.popUp to create a Popup.
The DuPopup inherits the Window object from ScriptUI and has all of its properties and methods.

new DuPopup()

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 8805
Name Type Description
content Group The ScriptUI group where the new controls must be added. Do not add any control directly inside the DuPopup.
pinned boolean true if this popup is "pinned", which means it won't hide when the user clicks outside of the window.
build DuPopup~build You can use this callback to add a function which builds the UI of the popup, it will be called on first display.



Sets this parameter to true to prevent the next show of the popup.
This will prevent it from showing once (and only once).
Default Value:
  • false



D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 8851
Hides the popup (alias for DuPopup.hidePopup).


D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 8844
Hides the popup.

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 8836
Pins the popup (it won't be hidden anymore when deactivated).
Name Type Default Description
pinned boolean true optional true to pin the popup, false to un-pin it.

staticDuPopup.tieTo(control, onShift, alwaysBlock)

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 8825
Ties the popup to a ui control. The popup will be shown just above the control when it is clicked.
The control must have an addEventListener method.
Name Type Default Description
control ScriptUI optional The control
onShift Boolean false optional If set to true, the popup is tied on Shift + Click only
alwaysBlock boolean false optional If true, the popup will never be automatically shown. Call show() to show it.

Type Definitions


D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 8818
You can use this callback to add a function which builds the UI of the popup, it will be called on first display.
This allows a faster startup of your script by delaying the creation of the tabs which are hidden at startup.
You can add controls in the this.content object.