Class: DuAEPseudoEffect


Describes a pseudo effect

new DuAEPseudoEffect(binaryFile)

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 28288
Constructs a Pseudo Effect.
Name Type Description
binaryFile DuBinary The ffx file encoded as a DuBinary.
Note that the pseudo effect's matchName must start with "Pseudo/".



The ffx file


The matchName


The default (localized) name


An object containing information about the properties of the effect, which can be used to generate expressions.
Access properties with their names, using the group hierarchy.
The info available for each property depends on the original pseudo effect, but there's at least the type and the index of the property.
var pseudoEffect = new DuAEPseudoEffect( pseudoEffectBin );
var propIndex = pseudoEffect.props["groupName"]["PropertyName"].index;
var effect = pseudoEffect.apply( aLayer );
var expression = 'thisLayer.effect("' + + '")(' + propIndex + ');';


Will be false if the ffx can't be correctly parsed.
Note that an invalid pseudo effect can still be applied (if the file exists), but the new effect may not be returned,
or the DuAEPseudoEffect.index Object may be empty.


apply(layer, name){PropertyGroup|null}

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 28455
This method adds the pseudo effect to a layer
Name Type Default Description
layer Layer The layer
name string optional A name for the effect
Type Description
PropertyGroup | null The effect. May be null if the pseudo effect was not parsed correctly