Namespace: DuAEItem


After Effects item methods



D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 25360
Checks if this item source is an image sequence
Name Type Description
item FootageItem The item
Type Description
boolean true if the source is an image sequence

staticDuAEItem.isInFolder(item, folder){boolean}

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 25382
Checks recursively (except for root folder) if an item is in a specific folder
Name Type Description
item Item The item to check
folder FolderItem The folder
Type Description

staticDuAEItem.usedIn(item, includeExpressionOnly, recursive){Array.<CompItem>}

D:/RxLab/src/RxOT/DuAEF/Duik/Duik_API/DuAEF_Duik_api.jsxinc, line 25309
Gets the compositions this item is used in.
Name Type Default Description
item AVItem The item
includeExpressionOnly boolean false optional Check for comps using this item only through expressions. The cache has to be updated with DuAEProject.updateExpressionCache before using this method with this argument set to true.
recursive boolean false optional Check recursively in parent comps too.
Type Description
Array.<CompItem> The compositions.