Duik Constraints
Read the Duik User Guide > Constraints for more information about each method.
#include 'Duik16_constraints_functions.jsxinc'


static functions

All the constraints methods stored as objects which can be parsed easily, for example to automatically build a ui with a button for each method.
Name Type Description
name string A display name for the method
fn string The source script to eval


static autoParent(orphansOnlyopt)

Auto-Parent. Parent selected layers to the last selected one.
Name Type Attributes Default Description
orphansOnly boolean <optional>
false When true, parent only the orphans to the last selected layers

static autorig(bakeStructuresopt)

Auto-Rig & IK
Name Type Attributes Default Description
bakeStructures boolean <optional>
true Wether to bake the structures after the Auto-rig has completed. Improves performance.

static bezierIk()

Create Bézier IK using selected layers

static bones(randomColoropt, tangentsopt)

Add bones
Name Type Attributes Default Description
randomColor boolean <optional>
false Wether to assign a random color to the bones
tangents boolean <optional>
true Wether to create bones for the tangents in case the selected property is a Bézier path

static exposeTransform()

Expose Transform

static extractLocators(useMasterPropertiesopt)

Extract Locators
Name Type Attributes Default Description
useMasterProperties boolean <optional>
true Wether to use master properties instead of expressions to extract the controllers. True by default if Ae >= 17.0

static ik()

Create IK using selected layers

static list()


static locator()

Add Locator

static lockProperty()

Lock Property

static orientationConstraint()

Orientation Constraint

static parentConstraint()

Parent Constraint

static pathConstraint(pathopt) → {boolean}

Path Constraint
Name Type Attributes Description
path Property <optional>
The path to use to constrain the selected layers.
If undefined, Duik will use the first path selected on the last selected layer.
boolean - True if a constraint was created, false if no path was found and nothing has been done

static positionConstraint()

Position Constraint

static quickConnector()

Quick Connector

static resetPRS()

Reset Transform (set to Zero)

static separateDimensions()

Separate Dimensions

static zero()

Add Zero